Spend smarter
£1000 per month

brillea marketing agency alternative

Why waste your precious marketing budgets on agencies, freelancers or in-house hires? For a fixed £1,000+VAT a month, brillea will fully manage and optimise your digital marketing campaigns. So spend more on your campaigns, less with us.

What you get with brillea

Your intelligent marketing platform

  • Results at your fingertips
  • See all live campaigns & creatives
  • Summary of marketing spend
  • Activity feed showing next steps & actions
  • Insights and learnings to date
  • Message centre to chat with your marketing expert
brillea marketing agency alternative
brillea marketing agency alternative

A dedicated marketing expert

  • Vetted marketing expert based in UK
  • Setup, run & manage all your campaigns for you
  • Produce creative ads and assets
  • Provide regular check ins
  • Answer any questions & queries
  • Guide you on your growth journey

A proven growth framework

  • Campaigns setup and structured for growth & optimisation
  • Monthly test cycles to explore new growth opportunities
  • Continuous targeting, message, call to action & creative optimisation
  • AI and machine learning to make campaigns work harder
  • Media spend optimisation across channels
  • Based on our experience & expertise running 10,000+ tests
brillea marketing agency alternative

Plan details




Google Ads - search


Artworking (from uploaded assets)


1 x round of creative amends

Dedicated Marketing Expert

Dedicated marketing expert

Monthly catchup sessions

Monthly campaign insight sessions

Answer queries and questions

Guide you along your journey

Campaign management

Best in class account setup

Utilise predefined naming conventions

Structured for growth & optimisation


Real time reporting

Monthly insight reports

Attribution methodolgy via Facebook & Google platforms


Monthly test cycles

New tests introduced

Continuous optimisation


Targeting & segmentation recommendations

Creative & messaging recommendations

Call to action recommendations

Channel mix recommendations

£1000 per month +VAT
cancel anytime, no hidden costs